Kim Kardashian Held Intervention For Rob Kardashian And It Didn’t Go Well

Kim Kardashian holds intervention for Rob Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian has apparently had it with her younger brother Rob Kardashian. The reality TV star reportedly filmed a face-to-face confrontation/intervention with Rob, who hasn’t been seen on the show in years.

Kim Kardashian Films Intervention For Rob Kardashian

According to Radar Online, Kim Kardashian says she’s at the end of her rope with Rob Kardashian and wants him to get help and start taking care of himself right now after he’s gained a lot of weight, been diagnosed with diabetes, and had other health scares as well.  “Kim thought if the intervention was filmed, Rob would be more responsive to it,” an insider revealed.

It also appears that Kim Kardashian didn’t have much family support while planning the intervention with Rob Kardashian. While Khole and Kris were there, they weren’t fully on board with the idea. Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie were all absent from the intervention.

“There was a therapist to guide the family. This was coming from a place of love. Initially Kris was hesitant, but was desperate to do anything. Khloe wasn’t in favor of it, but agreed to be there. Kourtney wasn’t there, and neither were Kendall or Kylie.”

Rob Kardashian Throwing His Life Away?

Unfortunately, Kim Kardashian’s intervention for Rob Kardashian didn’t go as planned at all. In fact, when Rob walked in the house and saw what was happening and he immediately left and disappeared for days.

“As soon as Rob walked in Kris’ house, he realized what was about to go down and just walked right out the front door,” a source claims. “He just got in his car and drove away. He refused to pick-up his phone for several days, and nobody knew where he was.”

Sources claim that despite Rob Kardashian’s diabetes and health crisis he’s refusing to change his eating habits to become healthier.

“The diabetes diagnosis should have been a wake-up call for Rob, but he is in absolute denial about it. He refuses to monitor his blood sugar daily as doctors have told him to do. Even more frustrating is that Rob’s diabetes would likely go away if he began working out and eating healthy!”

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