Kelly Osbourne Slams Ozzy’s Mistress, Tweets Out Phone Number

Kelly Osbourne slams dad Ozzy Osbourne on Twitter, Tweets mistress' phone number.

Kelly Osbourne is not taking the recent split between her parents, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, well at all. To be clear Kelly is totally blaming alleged Ozzy mistress Michelle Pugh for the latest family scandal.

Kelly Osbourne took to Twitter Monday night letting all four million of her followers know exactly what she thinks about Michelle Pugh. The vicious Twitter insults concluded with Kelly and posting Pugh’s phone number, and some very heated Twitter exchanges between Kelly and Twitter users who failed to agree with Kelly’s handling of the situation.

Kelly Osbourne tweets Ozzy’s alleged mistress Michelle Pugh’s phone number

As reported, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne recently split after 33-yeasr of marriage Sharon accused Ozzy of cheating on her with hairdresser Pugh. Kelly’s Twitter post was one brutal dig after the next directed at Pugh. Kelly even went as far as to tweet out the alleged homewrecker’s phone number. However, the number has now been disconnected.

Osbourne’s tweeted the phone number along with the message that anyone looking “for cheap chunky LOW-lights,” “a blow out and a blowjob” should call it. Kelly’s social media bad mood did not end with the damning tweet, the reality star went on to verbally tussle with Twitter users who called Kelly out on her social media slam fest.

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Kelly Osbourne’s mom Sharon on Kellys Tweet, “What can you do, but laugh.”

The conversations also shared some juicy details of the reported tryst revealing new information. Kelly believes Pugh is responsible for elder abuse by stating that papa Ozzy in his late 60s and therefore exempt from any blame. Sharon Osbourne addressed Kelly’s recent behavior by laughing it off on her daytime talk show, “The Talk,” playing the comments off as largely humorous.

“What can you do but laugh,” Sharon explained to her co-hosts, “You have to laugh. And she’s just so funny.” Osbourne added, “She loves her mom and loves her dad so much and listen, I’m always proud of my girl. What are you going to do? Be angry with her because she loves her mom and dad?”

At this time, Kelly’s representatives are remaining quiet on the matter, but we have a feeling this will not be the last we hear concerning this matter. What do you think about Kelly Osbourne’s reaction to Sharon and Ozzy’s split?

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