Jared Leto Starring In ‘Interview With A Vampire’ Remake?

Jared Leto to play Lestat in Interview With a Vampire remake?

Jared Leto has become one of the hottest leading men in Hollywood. In fact, it seems safe to say that studios are dying to get Leto in off the wall, or dark, roles because of his sheer talent. This could be why Jared is being rumored to star in the “Interview With A Vampire” remake.

Jared Leto To Star As Lestat In ‘Interview With A Vampire’ Remake?

According to Fan Sided, the Anne Rice novel is being adapted into film yet again as Universal as acquired the rights to the Rice books in hopes of releasing them as movies under the Vampire Chronicles moniker. Could Jared Leto be the star that the movie will be centered around, and bring in other talented actors and actresses to join him?

Josh Boone, who is said to be a the helm of the “Interview With A Vampire” remake reportedly has his eye on Jared Leto to play Lestat, who was previously played by Tom Cruise in the 1994 film, which co-starred Brad Pitt and a very young Kirsten Dunst.

The original film has become a cult classic, and is in part responsible for launching the careers of Pitt, Cruise, Dunst, and Antonio Banderas, who appears late in the movie.

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Will Fans Get Behind New Vampire Reboot?

“Lestat-there can be only one. #JaredLeto,” Boone tweeted recently with a photo of Jared Leto attached. This gave fans of Leto, and of “Interview With A Vampire” a thrill, as the possibility of some more amazing acting in the franchise could be to come.

Unfortunately, there may be a long time to wait before we get any kind of information about the film or its casting. No release date for the remake has been announced.

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