‘IT’ Remake: First Look At Scary Pennywise!

It remake reveals new pennywise photo.

Stephen King fans beware, the new “IT” remake is officially happening, and Pennywise is scarier than ever! The clown that terrorizes children is back in action and the first official photo of actor Bill Skarsgard in costume is terrifying.

‘IT’ Remake: First Look At Pennywise The Clown Revealed

According to Entertainment Weekly, he “IT” remake will hit theaters in September of 2017, and its clear that this clown has a much scarier look than the original. Of course, in the original made for TV film, actor Tim Curry brought with him an extremely frightening attitude to go along with the more classic version of a clown costume.

For fans who don’t know, “IT” is based on the horror novel by Stephen King, and is about a evil entity that takes many shapes, but mostly a creepy clown that lures children to their death in order to feel off them.

Stephen King’s Nightmare Returns To Horrify Fans

In the book a group of childhood friends fight against “IT” and win, but years later when the moster returns to terrorize the small town of Derry, the gang, now adults, return to their hometown to fight the beast again. This time, because they know what Pennywise the clown is capable of, it’s much harder.

The story, told throughout two time periods, is a classic Stephen King novel. The original film starred Tim Curry as Pennywise, Jonathan Brandis, John Ritter, Harry Anderson, Seth Green, Richard Masur, Richard Thomas, Annette O’Tolle, and more.

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