‘High School Musical 4’ Officially Happening!

High School Musical 4 To Breed More Stars?

What team? “High School Musical 4” is happening. It was confirmed on Tuesday that the Wildcats will be back on Disney with a brand new movie, of course there will be no Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, or Ashley Tisdale, (At least we don’t think.) and another new group of singing teens will be born.

‘High School Musical 4’ Officially Happening

E! Online reports that in “High School Musical 4” fans will return to East High to meet the newest Wildcats, but that fans will also get to know East High’s biggest rivals, the West High Knights.

High School Musical is part of Disney Channel’s DNA,” Disney Channel President Gary Marsh revealed. “It embodies all that we stand for. As a way of continuing to embrace that heritage, we’re excited to announce ‘the start of something new’ as we launch a search for a new class of East High Wildcats to star in a fourth installment of the ‘High School Musical’ franchise.”

High School Musical 4 confirmed.

More Stars To Be Born?

The original “High School Musical” turned Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and the other cast members in to stars and gave many of the young actors their big break in Hollywood. Perhaps, the newest installment of the Disney movie franchise will do the same for a whole new generations of actors and actresses.

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