‘Heathers’ TV Series In The Works At TV Land

Heathers TV Series In The Works At TV Land

A “Heathers” TV series is in the works. TV Land announced this week that they had plans to turn the cult classic 1980’s film about teenage murder/suicide starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater into a series.

‘Heathers’ TV Series In The Works

According to TV Line, the “Heathers” pilot was officially given the green light on Tuesday. and will be a half-hour, single camera series based on the 1988 movie. The pilot is set to begin filming this fall, and won’t be until then that fans will get to see if the show is picked up by the network.

For fans who don’t know, the “Heathers” movie was a dark look at the social order in high school. The Heathers are a group of popular girls in school, and when their leader is thought to have committed suicide, a string of murders committed by Ryder and Slater’s characters are covered up as teenage suicide.

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Not The Same Old ‘Heathers’

However, the TV series will be much different. The show is being described as a black comedy that takes place in the present day. The Heathers will be a set of popular, but evil, students. However, there’s a twist. The popular group are actually outcasts. Haethar McNamara is a lesbian, Heather Duke is a male who identifies as gender-queer, and Heather Chandler is a plus sized character.

“The movie was a huge influence on an entire generation and it’ll be nice to introduce this to a new generation,” director Leslye Headland told THR.

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