‘Fuller House’ Renewed For Season 2

Fuller House renewed for Season 2 by Netflix.

Have mercy! “Fuller House” has been renewed for Season 2! The Tanner/Fuller/Gibblers will be back in action for a brand new season on Netflix in the near future.

‘Fuller House’ Renewed For Season 2!

According to E! Online, Netflix has officially renewed “Fuller House,” the sequel series to the 80’s/90’s beloved television show “Full House,” for a second season.

The big announcement was made online via the official “Fuller House” Twitter account, but did not give any details about when Season 2 may be dropping on Netflix. The tweet simply stated “Season 2. Coming soon to Netflix.”

Changes In Store For Season 2?

Well, for now it looks like that will have to be enough to hold us over. For those of you who are on the fence about watching “Fuller House,” or watched the first episode and thought, “this is bad,” we’re here to tell you that the season did get much better as the episodes marched on. While the show was a little corny and dropped way too many former catchphrases, at the root of it all is a good story about love, family, and dealing with the challenges that life brings your way, which is one of the reasons we loved “Full House” to begin with.

So, here’s to hoping that Season 2 is bit more structured, but still has that same family feel, moral lessons, and big heart that “Full House” and Season 1 of “Fuller House” possessed.

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