Elvis Presley: The King’s hidden love children reportedly uncovered

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Elvis Presley, best known as King of Rock and Roll has been the subject of yet a new scandal. Elvis, who died at the age of 42, in 1977 would have been 81-years-old now had he lived. New reports reveal that Elvis kept many shocking secrets from is fans, including seven hidden children.

Tabloid reveals that Elvis fathered seven hidden children

It is believed that Elvis Presley fathered one child in his lifetime, a daughter, Lisa Marie Presley with his then wife Pricilla. But The National Enquire has reported that this is not the exact truth and they have evidence proving that Elvis fathered seven other secret love children throughout his short lifetime.

The National Enquirer tabloid claims that they have conducted a two-year worldwide investigation into Elvis’ missing family. And that their shocking findings have been backed verified by DNA tests, birth certificates, personal correspondence, check receipts and witness testimony! “This is an incredible discovery,” said a source close to the Presley clan. “And it’s one that’s sure to infuriate both Lisa Marie and her mother, Priscilla.” Lisa Marie, 47, is legally recognized as Elvis’ only child and the heir of his whopping $250 million fortune.

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Lisa Marie Presley mystery revealed

First on the tabloids list of Elvis Presley love children includes, Deborah Givone Presley, 59. The site claims that Elvis carried on a two-year romance with Deborah’s mom, Barbara Young after the 14-year-old met the then-unknown Elvis at a Charlotte, N.C., recording studio.

Love child number two is slated as Desiree Romaine Presley, 57. A former model lives in L.A. and was born after Elvis plunged into a secret 24-year affair with Desiree’s mom Lucy de Barbin. It has been alleged that Desiree’s mom met Elvis at a 1953 party near Shreveport. Strangely enough, Desiree’s birth certificate lists her father as Randolph Presley, a 30-year-old civil engineer at Oklahoma City’s Tinker Air Force Base. But after extensive checking, the NE claims that the military has no record of a Randolph Presley.

Next up, Elvis’ alleged son, John Smith, 54. Smith is reported as a country singer, songwriter and author actually became part of the Presley clan. It is claimed that Smith’s mother Zona Marie Roach, who by the way is also listed as Elvis’ cousin gave birth to John, who was adopted by Elvis’ mother, Gladys brother.

Candy Jo Fuller, 58 daughter of Gloria Lahrs, a Shreveport actress who used the stage name “Terri Taylor.” Claims Elvis took her to a hotel after a concert in 1957 resulting in the birth of daughter Candy.

Tales of another son, Dieter, 56 the product of a one night stand in Germany in 1958. His mom, Ingrid, 16 at the time states she met the singer in town and later visited his rented home in Bad Nauheim. Dieter insists DNA tests prove he’s Elvis Presley’s son! The ENQUIRER states they reportedly have learned Elvis watched over his kids from afar — and often gave them secret financial support.

Leroy Kuzma, 33 (deceased) is the alleged son of Elvis who passed away in 1994. Elvis “met” Leroy’s mom, Margot Heine Kuzma, in a Frankfurt café where she was singing in August of 1959. Kuzma claims that she and Elvis carried on an affair in an apartment that Elvis had rented for her.

Last but not least and the strangest back story yet is, Lisa Johansen, 47. She claims that she was taken from her Graceland home after Elvis’ Aug. 16, 1977, death for security reasons when she was just nine years old. Johansen insists she was whisked off to Sweden and replaced by an imposter — who later became Lisa Marie! Allegedly a number photos support Lisa’s claims that she continued a relationship with the Presley family after she left Graceland. One photograph in particular allegedly shows her with Priscilla’s late brother, Tom Beaulieu. In another, three of her children are with Priscilla and Priscilla’s mother, Ann Beaulieu.

Check out the link to the Elvis Presley’s forgotten children slideshow here. Do you believe any of these people could be Elvis’ child? Oddly enough the tabloid claims they have uncovered the long list of Elvis Presley’s forgotten children. The information continues to be questioned by members of the Presley family and longtime fans of Elvis Presley.

Supposing that Elvis Presley did have ‘love children” why would it take decades to uncover. Why wouldn’t these so-called heirs of Elvis make their existence publicly known before now? And if the bizarre story behind the two Lisa’s holds any truth how can the resemblance between Lisa Marie Presley and her father Elvis be explained, and why would such a switch have occurred to begin with?

It appears that Elvis Presley can get no rest from the rumor mill, even in death, nearly four decades past the King of Rock and Roll remains the subject of many mysteries. What are your thoughts, is it possible that Elvis had more than one child?

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