Election Results: Who’s Winning The Election? — Live Updates Here

Who's winning the election? Live election results and updates as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump battle for President.

Who’s winning the Election? Get live updates on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s numbers here.

Well, the day has come to cast your vote. It’s officially election day and at the end of the night Americans will finally know if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be the new President Of The United States. Can’t wait that long for live updates? We’ve got you covered!

Many places are offering live election updates and results all day long via television, radio, and social media. So wherever you are there is always a way to stay informed. Our favorite is the Facebook Live method. It’s quick and easy and right there at the touch of a button whenever you want to check out the numbers. (Click here for multiple online live streams of the election results!)

Live Election updates streaming online

Voters are already heading out to the polls to let their voices be heard. If you haven’t voted yet, but sure to know where your polling place is, by checking it out online. Simply click this link and follow the instructions. In only minutes you’ll find out where you’re supposed to vote and how to get there. It’s easy. However, choosing the person you want to vote for may not be.

If you need some last minute help or information about where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on the important issues, The Washington Post has you covered. Read through and decide which nominee is right for you.

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