Election Live Stream: How To Watch Election Night Online

2016 Election live streams: How to watch the election results online.

It’s Election Day, which will soon turn into Election Night. Find out how to watch all the coverage online.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are finally going head to head, and after Election Day voters have picked their candidate the world will tune in to find out who won the 2016 election. Election Night coverage will be all over the place, and we’ve got all the best places where you can watch the results.

All eyes will be on nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton today as the votes are tallied and the results start to pour in. Will Hillary become the United States first female president and head back to the White House with husband Bill Clinton, or will Donald Trump become the least experienced political figure to ever be called Mr. President? It’s anyone’s game, and everyone is eagerly awaiting the results. (Check out LIVE updates and results as they come in by clicking here!)

So, if you can’t sit in front of your television screens tonight to watch the Election Night coverage on all of the major networks, including ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and Fox, there are still plenty of ways to stay informed as the results are reported. Check out all of our live stream options below. You’ll just have to return and tune in tonight.



ABC Live Stream:

PBS Live Stream:

The Young Turks Live Stream:

Bloomberg Television Live Stream:

Tonight is the night when the country finds out if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will make history in the historical 2016 election. Cast your vote and watch the above live streams to find out which candidate wins the presidency.

Which live stream of the 2016 Election will you be watching tonight? Tweet us @OMGNewsDaily or leave a comment below!

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