‘Degrassi’ Reunion: Original Cast Returning To Celebrate Huge Milestone

Degrassi reunion: Next Generation cast to return.

A “Degrassi” reunion is officially happening. The original cast of the show is coming together for a reunion special to commemorate the franchises 500th episode, and fans are freaking out.

‘Degrassi’ Reunion: ‘The Next Generation’ Returning For Special

While the entire “Degrassi” cast won’t be in attendance, (Sorry, Drake will not be apart of the special reunion!) fans will get to see some of their favorites return to walk the halls of Degrassi yet again.

According to Bustle, Adam Ruggiero, who played Marco, Lauren Collins, who played Paige, Miriam McDonald, who played Emma, Shane Kippel, who played Spinner, and Jake Epstein, who played Craig are some of the cast members who will be making their return for the reunion.

Not a lot of details have been given about the context of the reunion, or if fans will actually get to see what their favorite characters have been up to since leaving “Degrassi.” However, viewers are super excited for the reunion special, and can relive all of their favorite moments from the Canadian teen drama with the cast members.

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‘Degrassi’ Reunion: Will Drake Be There?

“Degrassi” became popular with younger viewers by tackling issues that teenagers face every day. Issues such as teen pregnancy, abuse, drugs, alcohol, sexual orientation, bullying, self mutilation, dating violence, and school shootings took center stage on the series, and gave fans a look into the world of teen drama.

The “Degrassi” reunion will be streaming on Netflix starting July 22, the same day when “Degrassi: Next Class” premieres Season 2 on the streaming service.

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