‘Dancing With The Stars’: Ryan Lochte Furious Backstage After Elimination

“Dancing With The Stars” eliminated Ryan Lochte this week, and he wasn’t happy about it.

Dancing With The Stars” fans watched as Ryan Lochte was eliminated from competition this week. Ryan and his partner, Cheryl Burke, had been working hard to improve their scores, and even had a small victory just minutes before being given the boot from the reality dancing competition. Ryan accepted his elimination with grace on screen, but behind the scenes it was allegedly a different story.

According to Radar Online, Ryan Lochte was furious about being eliminated from “Dancing With The Stars” on Monday night. The Olympic swimmer is said to have freaked out backstage because he thought he was an actual front runner to win the mirror ball trophy during Season 23.

“After Ryan lost he freaked out backstage because he honestly thought that he was the one to beat,” a source close to production revealed. “On his way out, he snapped at one of the producers for no reason and he did not thank everyone,” said the source. “He stormed off set without even saying goodbye!”

Ryan Lochte furious after being eliminated from Dancing With The Stars.

Nobody sad to see Ryan Lochte leave ‘Dancing With The Stars’ says source

The source also goes on to say that Ryan Lochte started “Dancing With The Stars” with good intentions being humble, but ended by being “ungrateful” and “really cocky.” In fact, the insider claims that Ryan’s low scores over the past two weeks are because he’s been too busy looking for his next gig to focus on practicing! “Ryan was more interested in looking for his next gig then he was in rehearsing for the show and he kinda seemed to give up these past couple of weeks.”

Meanwhile, behind the set of “Dancing With The Stars” they’re allegedly not sad to see Ryan Lochte go. “No one was complaining because everyone pretty much shared the same sentiment. They are all just glad he is finally gone!”

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