Blizzard 2016: What To Binge Watch On Netflix If You’re Snowed In

13 Reasons Why trailer released by Netflix.

Blizzard 2016 aka Winter Storm Jonas is upon us and is slamming the East Coast with tons of snow! So, if you’re snowed in, or just having a lazy weekend around the house, check out these awesome Netflix picks to binge watch.

TV Shows:

  • Grey’s Anatomy — There’s 11 seasons on Netflix so you’ll have plenty to watch!
  • Friends — They’ll always be there for you whether you’re watching it for the 1st time or 40th.
  • Glee — Watch the whole series and sing along!
  • Dexter — This spooky thriller will have you looking over your shoulder.
  • Vampire Diaries — Join the Mystic Falls crew for some excitement
  • Buffy — This classic 90’s vampire series will leaving you wanting more.
  • Bates Motel — It’s the perfect time to catch up on this ‘Psycho’ prequel series.
  • Cutthroat Kitchen — You’ll get addicted to this wild cooking show.
  • Making A Murderer — Discover what EVERYONE’s been talking about!
  • DeGrassi: Next Class — The newest installment in the Degrassi series.
  • It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia — You won’t stop laughing!
  • Gilmore Girls — You’ll Love Stars Hollow
  • The Wonder Years — Remember everything great about being a kid!
  • Roseanne — One of TV’s funniest families.
  • Orange Is The New Black — Women in prison…
  • Sons of Anarchy — Bikers, Babes, and Blood
  • How I Met Your Mother — The funniest best friends ever.
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  • Practical Magic — Sandra Bullock as a witch!
  • Tommy Boy — It’s always funny.
  • Django Unchained — Jamie Foxx is amazing!
  • Clueless — Admit it, it’s your favorite 90’s movie.
  • The Best Of Me — You can’t go wrong with Nicholas Sparks.
  • Jumanji — Who doesn’t love Robin Williams?
  • Hook — See above.
  • American Pie — Classic 00’s high school comedy!
  • Rock Star — Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston Hit It Big!
  • The Last Five Years — A musical spin on a break up story.
  • A League Of Their Own — Girls Playing Professional Baseball.
  • Soaked In Bleach — Documentary on icon Kurt Cobain.
  • The Shining — Cabin Fever. (Don’t try this at home!)
  • Grease — Because it’s always good.
  • Notting Hill — Average man falls in love with celebrity.
  • What’s Eating Gilbert Grape — AMAZING Leo DiCaprio/Johnny Depp Film.
  • Forrest Gump — If you’ve seen it you know why, if not it’s a MUST WATCH!
  • Silver Lining Playbook — Bradly Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are a winning combination.
  • Anywhere But Here — Mother/Daughter Madness with heart.
  • Terms Of Endearment — One of the saddest/best movies of all time!

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