American Horror Story’s Craziest Moments So Far

American Horror Story craziest moments so far.

American Horror Story” Season 6 is getting ready to debut, and along with it bring many OMG moments for fans to talk about the next day. However, the anthology series already has a plethora of shocking and crazy moments that fans can relive at anytime by watching past season. Each season brings new twists and turns, and we’re breaking down some of the craziest moments of all time from the show.

American Horror Story Season 1 Murder House.

‘American Horror Story’ Season 1: Murder House

  • Rubber Man rapes and impregnates Vivien so that a ghost can have her child.
  • Constance punishes her daughter with down syndrome by locking her in a closet full of mirrors.
  • Vivien eats brains to makes sure her unborn twins are healthy.
  • Tate shoots students in his high school before being killed by police.
  • Moira  bites off Joe’s penis before he suffocates to death.
  • The Infantata, a reanimated dead baby who was stitched together using body parts and the heart of another fetus.
  • Rubber Man sodomizes Patrick with a fireplace poker before he kills him.
  • Violet discovers her own dead body.
American Horror Story Season 2 Asylum

‘American Horror Story Season 2: Asylum 

  • A robot spider is found inside Kit’s neck.
  • Scary looking aliens!
  • The disturbing aversion therapy to “cure” Lana’s homosexuality.
  • Shelley, the nymphomaniac turned mutilated creature is left on the playground.
  • Anne Frank gets a lobotomy.
  • Bloody Face a.k.a. Oliver Thredson “baby needs colostrum.”
  • Psychotic Santa murders seven nuns and the head priest.
  • Dr. Arden gives Mary Eunice Nazi gold he stole from the intestines of a Jewish woman in a concentration camp.
  • Lana tries to give herself an abortion.
  • Dr. Arden cremates himself with Sister Mary Eunice.
American Horror Story Season 3 Coven.

‘American Horror Story’ Season 3: Coven

  • Madison is gang-raped by frat boys.
  • Cordelia and Hank use dark magic in an attempt to get pregnant.
  • After being brought back to life as a modern Frankenstein, Kylie returns home to his sexually abusive mother.
  • Spalding cuts out his tongue to protect Fiona’s murder secret.
  • Spalding invites the corpse of Madison to his formal doll tea party and accidentally rips off her arm.
  • Christian Joan “cleanses” her son’s soul with a bleach enema and smothers him to death.
  • Stevie Nicks appears in the season.
  • Cordelia stabs her eyes with garden shears to regain her psychic ability.
American Horror Story Season 4 Freak Show

‘American Horror Story’ Season 4: Freak Show

  • Elsa gets her legs cut off by Nazis in a snuff film.
  • Penny’s father punishes her by turning her into a freak with tattoos and mutilation.
  • Dandy kills his mother and an Avon lady to create a two-headed woman.
  • Stanley is punished for trying to kill and sell the freaks by being turned into one.
  • Chester gets intimate with Bette and Dot, but insists his ventriloquist dummy be involved.
American Horror Story Season 5 Hotel

‘American Horror Story’ Season 5: Hotel

  • Gabriel, a heroin addict is raped by the Addiction Demon’s drill-bit penis before getting sewed into a mattress.
  • Halloween dinner party for dead serial killers including Richard Ramirez, Aileen Wuornos, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer and Th Zodiac Killer.
  • Alex unleashes a measles supervirus that turns an elementary school into murderers.
  • The Countess attempts to get an abortion, but when the mutilated baby survives she raises it as her son.
  • Sally has a drug fueled threesome and sews herself to the couple to prevent them from leaving her, when they die from overdoses she’s stuck to them for days.
American Horror Story Season 6

What will Season 6 bring?

“American Horror Story” Season 6 is a complete mystery. The show has kept the theme, characters, ect under wraps for months. However, new episodes begin airing on Wednesday, so questions should start to get answered then.

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