‘American Horror Story’ Spoilers: Evan Peters Role Finally Revealed

American Horror Story Season 6 Spoilers: Evan Peters Role Finally Revealed.

American Horror Story” fans finally got the moment they’ve been waiting for in Wednesday’s all news episode. Actor Evan Peters‘ role was revealed after four episodes of not seeing a glimpse of him. With Peters’ character reveal, the entire season quickly took a dramatic turn, and fans have a feeling that everything is about to change.

‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Spoilers: Evan Peters Role Finally Revealed

Evan Peters’ role in Season 6 was revealed to be that of Edward Mott, the man who had the Roanoke house built, and the first of the homeowners to die on the land. Of course, fans know that Edward is the relative of Season 4 “Freak Show” character, Dandy Mott, who was mentioned to have been the last living Mott to own the home before his death in the 1950’s.

“American Horror Story” fans watched as Evan Peters’ character was revealed to be pretty crazy. Edwards was described as having extreme social anxiety, and it was revealed that he had a torrid affair with one of his male servants. In addition, Edwards also loved art, and collected paintings that he regarded to be his most prized possessions, when the paints were destroyed by The Butcher and the other colonists, he completely lost it.

Of course, Edwards Mott was killed by the colonists as the put a blade through his chest and then lit him on fire. However, his ghostly spirit returned in hopes of helping Matt, Shelby, and Flora escape the home and the evil spirits that lurked there.

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Where Does ‘American Horror Story’ Go Next?

In addition to Evan Peters’ first appearance this season, “American Horror Story” favorite, Frances Conroy, also made her first cameo. Conroy played the mother of hillbilly Polk boys from the first episode. Her character, called “Mama” turned out to be absolutely terrifying as it was revealed she had taken Dr. Elias Cunningham’s left and cooked the meat to eat. However, when she discovered the meat was “rancid,” she had Elias killed.

“American Horror Story” fans are now wondering where the show is going as it seems Matt, Shelby, Lee, and Flora have escaped the Butcher and band of murdering followers. When five episodes still left in the season, a big twist has been promised for next week’s episode 6, and fan’s can’t wait. Hopefully, Evan Peters returns for more appearances in the remaining episodes.

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