Alexis Arquette Dead At 47: Transgender Actress Surrounded By Famous Family At Time Of Death

Alexis Arquette dead at age 47.

Alexis Arquette had died. The transgender actress who hails from a famous acting family has sadly passed away at the age of 47.

Alexis Arquette Dead At Age 47

According to TMZ, Alexis Arquette died on Sunday morning with her family by her side. Alexis’ brother, Richmond Arquette confirmed the news and revealed that the actress died while listening to David Bowie’s “Starman.”

Alexis was the sibling of actors David Arquette and Patricia Arquette. She was known for her roles in films such as “Pulp Fiction” and “The Wedding Singer.” She was also a transgender rights advocate, who recently spoke out about the very public transition of Bruce Jenner into Caitlyn Jenner.

David Arquette released a statement about Alexis Arquette’s death, saying “Never have I had the honor of knowing and loving a funnier more beautiful soul then my brother/sister Alexis.”

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The Arquette Family Speaks Out

While Alexis Arquette’s cause of death has not been revealed, it is confirmed that the actress, whose last role was in the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore comedy “Blended,” had been battling an illness. It appears that her family was aware of her failing health, and that they had prepared for her death. Other reports claim that at the moment Alexis died her request that the family cheer her on to the next life was fulfilled.

“We held her and sang her David Bowie’s ‘Starman’ as she punched through the veil to the other side,” the family said. “We washed her body in rose petals and surrounded her with flowers.”

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