Alan Thicke Dead: ‘Growing Pains’ Star Dies At Age 69

Alan Thicke dead: Growing Pains star dies at 69.

Alan Thicke has died at the age of 69.

Alan Thicke has died. The iconic TV star of “Growing Pains” passed away on Tuesday after suffering a heart attack. The actor, who recently appeared on TV shows like “This Is Us” and “Fuller House” was reportedly playing hockey with his 19-year-old son, Carter, when he had a heart attack. According to TMZ, Thicke was taken to Providence St. Joseph’s Medical Center and pronounced dead there.

Alan Thicke is survived by his wife Tanya and his three sons, Robin Thicke, a famous singer, Brennan, and Carter. It’s said that Alan often played hockey at a rink in Burbank, and that he and Carter were on the ice when he started to have chest pain. Thicke then got nauseous and vomied. The ambulance was called and rushed him to the hospital. Police officials have revealed that Thicke was an organ donor, and that some of his organs are being harvested.

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Fans mourn ‘Growing Pains’ star Alan Thicke.

In the hours before his death, Alan Thicke was on Twitter tweeting about the current season of “Fuller House,” and thanking the Whistler Film Festival for giving him the Icon Award. Fans are now taking to their own social media account to mourn the death of the “Growing Pains” star.

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