Michael Douglas dying from cancer claims report

Film star Michael Douglas is in declining health according to a new report that reveals his cancer has returned and that he is now living out his last days. News that Michael Douglas’ cancer has returned emerged recently stating that the “Fatal Attraction” star was given six months to live. An alleged source told Radar Online that after receiving the sad news Michael left for Bermuda to get his affairs in order, revise his will and spend his last days “soul searching” as he prepares for death.

Michael Douglas given six months to live

The source claims that Michael’s cancer has returned with a vengeance, despite his reps stating that Doulas was cancer free. It is claimed that Douglas, 71, is selling off assets and making his final wishes known to his loved ones.

“Michael’s eyes welled up with tears as he revisited the paradise where his ancestors presided,” an insider told Radar. “He sadly gazed over his shoulder at the water, knowing he might never again see the place where he wants his ashes scattered.”


 Recent photo tells experts Douglas’ disease has returned

As previously reported, Douglas was diagnosed with stage 4 tongue cancer in 2010, one-year later Michael was declared cancer free. Radar also reports that after experts reviewed Michael Douglas’ recent photos claiming that Michael is once again battling cancer and looks as if he may only have around six months left to live.

“He’s become more spiritual,” said the source. “He realizes with all his success that family is everything and most important.“

If this report is true then how sad for Michael Douglas and his family and our good wishes go out to them. However, we believe it is seriously suspect that so-called “experts” can look at a photo and diagnose disease and death. What are your thoughts on Michael Douglas’ recent health evaluations?

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