‘Wayward Pines’ Season 2 Officially Happening! What to Expect

Wayward Pines Season 2 spoilers and premiere date revealed.

“Wayward Pines” Season 2 is officially happening. After it was announced that the Fox summer series event would only have one season consisting of 10 episodes and not return for more seasons, the network has announced that the show has been renewed much to the delight of fans.

‘Wayward Pines’ Season 2 Officially Happening

According to Christian Today, “Wayward Pines” Season 2 will air sometimes in the summer of 2016 and pick up basically where the first season left off, with the people of the town trying to keep peace and order while staying safely out of reach of the monsters outside the walls.

As fans will remember Matt Dillion’s character died in the “Wayward Pines” Season 1 finale after trying to prove that the citizens of the town could live peacefully together knowing the truth about their lives. However, things were quickly reverted back to order once the “first generation” took hold of the town, and that’s where the story ended…or so we thought.

Wayward Pines renewed for Season 2.
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What To Expect In Season 2

With a second season of “Wayward Pines” coming we can only image that new faces will be seen and others will also learn the secret of the town. For those of you who didn’t watch, or don’t remember (SPOILERS BELOW!) the town seems to be set in the present day, but is actually set far into the future, and is the only place where humanity still exists after a type of genetic mutation turned all humans into scary monsters thanks to environmental changes. Residents of the town were hand picked and cryogenically frozen only to be awakened when needed or wanted by the higher ups. While the youngsters of the town knew the truth most of the adults were clueless and only knew that if they didn’t follow the rules they would be killed.

It should be interesting to see what “Wayward Pines” brings in Season 2, and if the ratings will be as high as they were last summer.

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