The ‘Wayward Pines’ Finale Twist That Stunned Fans

Wayward Pines renewed for Season 2.
Wayward Pines Finale Twist.
Wayward Pines Finale Twist. (Fox)

The “Wayward Pines” series finale aired on Thursday and fans watched as Ethan Burke and the rest of the town rebelled against David Piltcher in hopes of living in the town with the truth.

‘Wayward Pines’ Series Finale Twist

Once David shut off the power and the Abbies began getting in to the town there were many, many deaths. Those who did survive met at the bunker and made their way to the mountain retreat where David and his staff lived.

However, the monsters were too overpowering and Ethan made the sacrifice to end his life by detonating a bomb to kill them and himself.

Theresa and Ben were unharmed while Kate and Pam took down David. It was his own sister, Pam, who actually killed David as it looked like the citizens of the town would be okay and free to live in the town with the truth on their side.

Ben Wakes Up In A New World

However, in a stunning twist viewers watched as Ben awoke from unconsciousness only to find out that he had been frozen yet again for three years. It is now three years in the future and the teenagers, and Wayward Pines “first generation” had put all the adults back in their suspended animation and taken over the town to run it on lies yet again the way Piltcher did.

That was the end. Ben walking around Wayward Pines where his father had sacrificed his life for the truth only to be looking at a lie yet again. A place where people lived in fear and were “reckoned” for going against the laws of the land.

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