‘The Walking Dead’: Shocking Negan Footage Leaks Online

The Walking Dead spoilers: SHocking Negan footage leaked online.

“The Walking Dead” Season 6 has wrapped filming and someone on set actually leaked footage of the season finale, which features Negan, a highly-anticipated villain set to appear in the finale. [Warning: Spoilers below!]

‘The Walking Dead’: Shocking footage of Negan Leaks Online

According to Movie Pilot, “The Walking Dead” Season 6 finale footage is fuzzy, but includes Negan swinging his weapon of choice, a bat wrapped in barbed wire which he calls Lucille. Negan delivers a deadly blow to someone with the bat, and everyone is speculating about who that person may be.

As many “Walking Dead” fans know, in the comic books Negan brutally kills Glenn by picking him randomly out of the group and bashing his head in with Lucille. However, while we officially don’t kow the status of Glenn until this Sunday’s new episode, if Glenn is still alive it looks like he could still be killed by Negan in the season finale.

The Walking Dead casts Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan.
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Who Will Negan Kill?

So, if Glenn is alive, why would “The Walking Dead” let us believe that he’s dead, find out that he’s actually alive, all to just kill him for real? That seems a little mean, right? However, fans are speculating that Negan may actually kill someone else in the same manner and that person could be Daryl, Morgan, Abraham, or possibly Aaron.

Our money is on Abraham and/or Aaron as they’ve been getting more screen time lately, and we just can’t image Daryl being killed off at this point, and we think Glenn will make it as well. The worst part about the new leaked Negan footage is that it has now been taken down per AMC orders, and we’ll have to wait months to see how it all plays out. The second half of the show will debut in February and run for eight weeks.

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