‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Another Shocking Death, Dead Characters Return

The Walking Dead recap: Tyreese dies.
The Walking Dead recap: Tyreese dies.
The Walking Dead Season 5 Mid-Season Premeire.

The Walking Dead” Season 5 mid-season premiere left all the viewers jaws on the floor. Another beloved character died and some already characters returned in the somber episode. (Spoilers below!)

‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: A Beloved Character Dies, Dead Characters Return

Fans watched as the gang was still reeling from Beth’s untimely death, yet trekked on to find greener pastures. Noah told Rick and the rest of the group about his home where he and his family had been safe in Virginia, and how he and Beth had planned to go there after escaping the hospital.

Rick decided that it was worth a try and gathered Michonne, Glenn, Tyreese, and Noah to scope out the situation. When the arrived to Noah’s home they found it desolate and overrun by walkers. Noah who was devastated was left behind with Tyreese as the others forged for any supplies they could find.

After composing himself a bit, Noah took off for his house to see what remained there, and it was bleak. Noah and Tyreese found Noah’s family dead. Noah’s mother lie on the floor obviously attacked by walkers, and as Noah grieved the loss of his mother, Tyreese checked the rest of the house. He found one of Noah’s brothers dead on the bed as he stopped to look at photos of Noah’s twin siblings that were hung on the wall.

Tyreese Fights His Inner Demons

As Tyreese perused the photographs the other twin, now a young walker, creeped up behind him, and try as he might, Tyreese couldn’t fight him off in time. Tyreese was bitten and Noah rushed to get help.

As Tyreese lie bleeding in the bedroom he hallucinated the images of dead characters like Lizzie and Mika, Beth, The Governor, Bob, and the man from Terminus who threatened to kill Judith. His foes taunted him for his past mistakes and regrets, and his friends tried to comfort him.

Finally, Noah got Rick and the gang and they quickly chopped Tyreese’s arm off in hopes of saving him. Dragging Tyreese through back to the car was a huge chore, and although they tried, Tyreese died int he back seat of the car as the group rushed home. Later, at his funeral a wooden cross was erected, Tyreese’s famous stocking hat resting atop of it.

“The Walking Dead” fans were saddened to lose such a beloved character. The man who saved Judith and protected her with all his might, and Sasha’s last living relative.

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