‘The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Finale Spoilers: Everything You Need To Know

The Walking Dead mid-season finale spoilers.

“The Walking Dead” mid-season finale spoilers reveal that there is so much to see on Sunday’s all new episode. Rick and the gang will have a ton of serious issues to deal with and not everyone will make it out alive. [Warning: Major spoilers below!]

‘The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Finale Spoilers: Everything You Need To Know

The episode will pick up where the episode before it left off, with the wall falling down and the walkers coming in. The huge group of zombies will begin pouring in to Alexandria, and “Walking Dead” fans will some lives lost as well as shocking moments during this mid-season finale.

According to the Spoiling Dead Facebook page, Rick, Carl, Michonne, Deann, Jessie, Gabriel, Ron, Sam, and Judith will all hide in Jessie’s house. Deanna will be bitten and as she prepares to die she’ll engage in some serious conversation with Rick and Michonne about the future of Alexandria and carrying on what she and her husband built.

Meanwhile, Ron will attack Carl and their crazy fight will attract the walkers who are roaming the streets of Alexandria. The zombies will get into Jessie’s house and the group will have to figure out how to keep them at bay. Later, Carl will take away Ron’s gun, but won’t tell the others about the fight. The group will be left with no choice but to cover themselves in walker guts and head outside to find a safer hiding place. (Why don’t they use that trick more often on “The Walking Dead?!)

The group will leave the dying Deanna with a gun to take care of herself when she’s ready to die. However, Deanna will go out like a hero and not a coward by using the gun to take out walkers instead of herself.

Walking Dead mid-season finale spoilers.
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‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Setting Up Big Things In February

While all of this is going on, “Walking Dead” viewers will watch as Morgan and Carol hide in Morgan’s house while Denise is in the basement with the wolf. The town doctor will attempt to treat the wolf’s wound, but will be sorry she tried to help him. Carol fakes having a concussion so that she can slip into the basement and kill the wolf. When Morgan finds out her plan they fight. Morgan knocks Carol out and then the wolf gets free and knocks Morgan out. The wolf will take Denise hostage and stumble upon Tara, Rosita, and Eugene. The wolf will demand their weapons and they’ll give them up. The wolf will then take Denise and head out into the town and towards the walker heard.

The big scene that has been rumored about Sam dying, Jessie dying, and Ron shooting Carl’s eye out is NOT in the “Walking Dead” mid-season finale, although it’s been rumored for months that it was. However, the episode will set up that scenario to happen in episode 9, which is the first episode back from the break in February.

“Walking Dead” fans will also want to stay tuned in because after the closing credits there will be a bonus scene and we’ll hear Negan’s name for the first time on the show ever. Yes, big, bad things are coming, folks!

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