‘The Walking Dead’: 2 Shocking Deaths Leading Up To Season 5 Finale

The Walking Dead: 2 Shocking Deaths Stun Fans.
The Walking Dead: 2 Shocking Deaths  Stun Fans.
The Walking Dead: 2 Shocking Deaths Stun Fans. (AMC)

The Walking Dead” fans were shocked when not one, but two characters died in Sunday’s all new episode, and so close to the extended season 5 finale in two weeks.

‘The Walking Dead’: 2 Shocking Deaths Stun Fans

Just as Rick and his group are starting to settle in to their new homes in Alexandria everyone is fully committed to their jobs. Daryl is seen leaving with Aaron to recruit more people to become residents of the community and Rick is busy policing the city inside the walls.

Meanwhile, the group that goes on runs, which is lead by Deanna’s son Aiden, and now consists of Glenn, Tara, Noah, and Eugene, who has come along to start pulling his weight, and find a specific piece needed to aid in Alexandria’s survival and solar panels, find some trouble.

The group is out at an abandoned factory to look for supplies when they’re attacked by a herd of walkers. When one walker wearing armor is difficult to kill, Aiden begins shooting him and a grenade inside of his clothing goes off, blasting the group back. Tara hits her head hard and is bleeding terribly, but it’s Aiden who is in the worst position. He’s been jammed into some metal bars, which are now sticking out of him.

Who Will Die on ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Finale?

The group tries to free Aiden, but the herd is getting closer. Aiden tells Glenn that he and his partner had been leaving their men behind when they’ve been in stick situations, and unfortunately that is what happens to Aiden. Glenn can’t free him and they’re forced to run away, leaving Aiden to be ripped apart by the walkers.

However, Aiden is only one of the causalities that the group suffered. Eugene tries to make a break for it with Tara, and gets her back to the van, but Glenn, Noah, and Aiden’s partner find themselves stuck inside a revolving door with walkers on both sides of them and no way to escape.

Thankfully, Eugene sees their in a bind and leads the outside walkers away. Aiden’s partner escapes outside, but the walkers on the other side of the door grab Noah. “Don’t let go,” he begs of Glenn who is trying to save him. Sadly, Glenn can not save his friend and Noah is pulled inside with the walkers, who tear him apart as Glenn watches, crying.

While Aiden’s death isn’t hard on “The Walking Dead” fans, many viewers have come to like sweet and innocent Noah. However, these two deaths are important when fans are trying to figure out who might bite the dust in the upcoming Season 5 finale which airs in two weeks.

Rumors have been swirling that Glenn or Daryl could be the next beloved cast member to go this season, which has been “The Walking Dead’s” most deadly season of all, already killing off Bob, Beth, Tyreese, and Noah. Is anyone safe anymore?

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