‘The Following’ Recap: Mark Puts the FBI to the Test

The Following Season 3, Episode 2 recap: 'Boxed In.'
The Following Season 3, Episode 2 recap: 'Boxed In.'
The Following Season 3, Episode 2 recap: ‘Boxed In.’ (Fox)

The Following” Season 3 aired its second episode on Monday night, and during the show Mark Gray really put Ryan Hardy and the FBI to the test after one of their own is taken by Mark’s group of followers.

‘The Following’ Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: Another FBI Agent Dies

Ryan, Max, and Mike’s friend and co-worker, Jeff Clark, is taken and his wife is harmed by the remainder of Mark’s followers. Jeff is kidnapped and taken away to be tortured as a sick back up plan after the original plan to put him in an electric chair was foiled by the FBI.

Mark actually called in via Skype to the FBI to cut Agent Clark a deal, all Ryan, Max, and Mike had to do was confess that they murdered Mark’s mother Lily Gray in cold blood instead of arresting her and he claimed he was willing to let Jeff go. However, while Ryan saved Jeff’s wife, he was sadly unable to save his friend.

Mark’s followers convinced Jeff into confession he sanctioned a special ops FBI team lead by Ryan Hardy to bring down Joe Carroll, and they they illegally killed Lily Gray. Then they brutally tortured him and stuffed his body into a small metal box for Ryan and the gang to find.

Mark Continues To Go Off The Deep End

Later when Mark hears what happened, he’s upset he wasn’t there to confront Agent Clark and freaks out on his dwindling group of followers.

Meanwhile, Mark’s right hand man is connected to Joe Carroll as they both went to college together and were taught by Joe’s mentor and evil professor.

After Jeff’s death Ryan remembers how he took to Agent Clark to the hospital after a heart attack and met his current girlfriend, Gwyn, the doctor who treated him. A tearful Ryan is then comforted by his love.

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