The Craft: Sony set to remake 90’s teen witch thriller

The Craft, a pop culture 1996 teen witch thriller starring Neve Campbell and Robin Tunney is next in line to get a modernized remake. The horror flick is based on the story of four misfit girls at a Catholic school who find friendship and unity after they discover they carry a powerful witchcraft power.Soon fun simple spells become boring for the foursome who then start dabbling even further into the dark magic
casting spells for their own vain and evil doings.

90’s horror flick gets makeover by Sony

Sony pictures has taken on “The Craft” remake and hired on Leigh Janiak as the director. Janiek will write the remake script alongside of Phil Graziadei. Janiek is also set to direct an episode of MTV’s new series “Scream,” which will begin airing in June. Douglas Wick, one worked as of the producers of the 1996 original, will return to serve as a producer on the remake. Casting has yet to be announced.

Who do you see playing The Craft witches?

The news about The Craft remake began circulating the social medias today with fans adding in their opinions as to what celebrities would be the right fit for the bewitching foursome in today’s age.

Here are a few that have been tossed around on the social media, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift, Sarah Hyland,Hayden Panettiere,Amanda Seyfried,Nina Dobreva and Rihanna. Do you believe any of these ladies could fill the past cast’s shoes?

Here are a few more old school films set to get a makeover in the near future they include, “Poltergeist,” “Porkys,” “Drop Dead Fred,” “Honey I Shrunk The Kids,” “The Never Ending Story,” “Police Academy,” “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” “Three Men and a Baby, and the Stephen King thriller, “It,” just to name a handful.

Who would you like to see cast in “The Craft remake, also what film would you also like to see get a facelift soon?

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