Teresa Giudice Lying to Children about Prison Sentence

Teresa Giudice lying to children about prison sentence.


Teresa Giudice lying to children about prison sentence.
Teresa Giudice lying to children about prison sentence. (PR Photos)

Teresa Giudice is lying to her children about where she’ll be while she’s in prison. According to the Daily Mail, the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star thinks her daughters are too young to know about her going to jail.

Teresa Giudice Lying To Children About Prison

Sources reveal that Teresa Giudice is lying to her two oldest daughters about what she’ll be up to. “She told them she is going to jail to work on a book about jail.”

Meanwhile, Teresa and Joe Giudice haven’t told their two youngest daughters about why their mother will be gone for a significant amount of time, and have allegedly used the work excuse to explain her absence.

“Teresa and (husband) Joe feel that they are too young to fully comprehend what is going on,” the source added.

Teresa Prepares for Life Behind Bars

Teresa Giudice’s lying may have a few hiccups as the “Real Housewives” diva will enter prison on Monday, January 5, 2015, and spend 15 months behind bars.

This means that Joe Giudice will be in charge of the couple’s four daughters while Teresa is away. Then it’s Joe’s turn to serve his prison sentence which is a much longer 41-month term.

The couple’s trouble began when it was revealed they had been committing multiple counts of fraud.

“My family is probably one of the strongest families I know, so we’ll get through this. It’s gonna be fine. And when it’s over, we’re gonna be better than ever,” Teresa Giudice said after her sentencing.

Whenever children are involved this type of situation is hard. Hopefully for the little Giudice girls they will be able to get through this without too much damage.

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