‘Teen Mom’: Jenelle Evans, Nathan Griffith Reunite After Domestic Violence Arrest

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans, Nathan Griffith getting back together.
Teen Mom Jenelle Evans, Nathan Griffith getting back together. (Twitter)

Teen Mom” stars Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith are back together after Nathan was recently arrested for domestic violence against his fiance, and the mother of her child, baby boy Kaiser.

‘Teen Mom’ stars Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith getting back together

The couple have had a bumpy relationship since they began dating, but seemed to settle down a bit after their birth of their son. Unfortunately, after getting engaged over the winter, Nathan was arrested on March 4 in North Carolina and charged with domestic violence against Jenelle.

After getting out of jail, Nathan was staying with a friend due to a no-contact order that was placed on him, which stated that he had to stay away from his fiance. However, as soon as it is lifted Jenelle Evans is planning on taking Nathan Griffith back.

“Jenelle is taking Nathan back. They are working things out,” an insider told Radar Online.  “Jenelle decided to take Nathan back because they have a family and a house together. Jenelle loves her life. And it’s hard enough for Jenelle living without Nathan now,” the source added.

Jenelle’s Custody Case

“Jenelle and Nathan have not been speaking directly to each other, but Jenelle has been speaking to Nathan’s friend Josh, who Nathan is currently staying with,” the friend says. “Josh tells Jenelle how Nathan’s been feeling and that Nathan said he wants to work it out.”

“Nathan also said that he was very sorry for the way that he pushed Jenelle away so badly for no reason the day of the arrest,” the insider added.

Jenelle Evans is also wearing the engagement ring that Nathan Griffith gave her back in January, and is also dealing with trying to get back custody of her oldest son Jace from her mother, Barbara. However, the fact that she is letting Nathan back into her home after he was arrested for violence against her could possibly hurt her case.

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