Taylor Swift Cheating On ‘Fake’ Boyfriend Calvin Harris?

Taylor Swift cheating on Calvin Harris?
Taylor Swift cheating on Calvin Harris?
Taylor Swift cheating on Calvin Harris? (YouTube)

Is Taylor Swift cheating on boyfriend Calvin Harris with a back up dancer on her tour? The singer allegedly has been getting very cozy with one of her dancers and it has people talking, the Inquisitr reports.

Taylor Swift Cheating On Calvin Harris?

According to the report, Taylor Swift and her back up dancer have been flirting up a storm in front of everyone and that she doesn’t care who sees. Many allegedly believe there is an inappropriate relationship between the two, especially since Tay is dating the hunky Calvin Harris.

Taylor and Calvin Faking Relationship?

Some critics have gone as far as to say that Calvin and Taylor’s relationship is a fake, a total “showmance” in which Harris is gaining greatly, adding to his exposure and net worth since beginning to date Swift.

Another reason for the fake relationship rumor is the fact that Calvin Harris was recently seen leaving a Thai massage parlor that is allegedly known for giving its customers a happy ending. (Google that if you don’t know what it means!)

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