Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner ‘Bad Blood’ feud heats up

Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner’s feud that was once put on hold is now heating back up just in time for summer. It is a clear case of drag out girl fight with all the she said, she did dissing going on.

Summer 2015 looks as if it could be the hottest yet in celebrity girl feuds!

It looks as if Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner could make for a very interesting summer for their fans as they battle it out once again.If you are not familiar with the meat of the feud here is a bit of a breakdown to catch you up. Reportedly, Kendall Jenner has been claiming that Taylor is a control freak and arrogant diva. A major girl fight breaking out in celebrityville once again involving T-Swift and Kendall Jenner. If you are familiar with girl fights/feuds, brawls then you are well aware of the rules. The rules are there is no rules. Anyone and everything is fair game.

Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner feud details revealed

It is not a huge secret that Taylor Swift is not one to be crossed, and she fully believes in seeking lyrical revenge on those who do. Taylor has verbally beat down each and every man who has done her wrong and even some of the females, Katy Perry, Kendall.

Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner have so many friends in common that it seems like they should be friends with each other, but this is Girlville USA, and life just does not work that way. It’s is a constant job for these two celeb’s friends to attempt to keep peace, and a clear distance between these two women.

First off, Taylor literally hates Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber,is suspiciously close pals with to Kendall, and maybe at times a little more. Toss Selena Gomez into the mix, Kendall does not like Selena at all. Sprinkle in the knowing fact that Harry Styles of One Direction has also spent snuggle time with both Taylor and Kendall and you have the making’s of a major girl war.

Sources close to the girl war zone claim the main issue between Taylor and Kendall is, and will continue to be Harry Styles. However, Taylor Swift is reported to have swallowed her pride, and dislike for Kendall and invited her to appear in her “Bad Blood” video.

Kendall gave that a big fat no,( we’ll keep it on the clean side.) “Taylor is too full of herself and a control freak,” claims Kendall Jenner insiders.Summer has not even officially started yet and we already have the makings of a very brutal and powerful celebrity girl fight brewing. It is heating up to be one major feuding season at this rate. Stay tuned, this story is definitely due to develop some interesting turns.

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