Shameless Season 5 Recap: Fiona unfaithful, Ian on the run

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Shameless is going absolutely insane in Season 5. The Gallagher drama and dysfunction continues to build. As if everyday life is not wild enough for the family, added and unexpected events just keep piling up on them. Fiona unloads on Jimmy outside the diner, punching him in the face and screaming obscene names at him. Fi demands to know just where Jimmy has been all this time that he has not bothered to make contact with her at all.

Steve feels Fiona’s wrath

In Jimmy/Steve/Jack and Shameless form he rambles on with crazy excuses as to why he could not get a hold of her one including he had Malaria. She is clearly shocked to see Jimmy, but is quickly distracted after Mickey calls her to tell her about Ian taking off with the car and the baby.

Ian head to Florida with Mickey’s baby

Ian, who is driving to Florida is going well off the deep end rambling uncontrollably to the baby as he ignores Mickey’s desperate attempts to contact him by phone.But Svetlana i not so understanding and wants to call the police, but Mickey threatens her and tells her that he believes Ian will come to his senses and return the baby.

Lip is having a hard time adjusting to his new job as the RA dodging parents who are shooting off instructions for their children. Lip finally tells one anxious mom that this is not camp and he is not a babysitter or nurse.

Lip complains to Amanda as he gets a frantic call about Ian. Lip then asks Amanda to borrow her car because Ian has stolen a baby. Frank is on his usual escapades trying to intercept the mail lady in hopes of receiving his government check, but fails. Franks heads to the kids house with severe stomach pains to find the doors locked. Sammi answers the door, attempting to play house boss. Laying down the new rules of the house telling Frank all bedroom doors are locked, and that his stuff is in the back yard.

She then announces to the family the new rules saying, no money, no food and that there will be a curfew for all. Debs and Carl freak out when hearing the 10 p.m. curfew rule. Lip and Fiona decide that is it time that Ian gets help and a psychotic break.. Steve shows up at the house shocking the entire family just about the same time they find out she is married to Gus.

Steve professes his love to Fiona, asking if she still loves him. Fiona denies her feelings for Steve. Everyone is watching the debate between Fiona and Jimmy/Steve as he whispers in her ear and she begins to cry. Fiona ends up in Steve’s arms kissing him, and more. The next morning Fiona wakes up naked in bed with Steve. Lip waits outside for Fiona to ask if there has been any updates on Ian.

Downstairs Sammi is playing mom, cooking breakfast and asking Fiona if Steve is going to be moving in with she and Gus. Then a couple of minutes later Gus knocks on the door and Fiona lies saying she is sorry her phone died. Sammi stands back watching the entire scene with interest. Fiona feels somewhat badly about sleeping with Steve, and kicks him out of the house but not before Sammi gets Steve a nice cup of coffee.

Fiona heads over to see Vee to tell her her troubles, only to hear that Kevin and Vee are separating since Kev obviously cares more about the babies than her.Ian continues to talk to himself and the baby, rambling that the baby needs new shoes just as he locks him in the car and heads off. It does not take too long before the police arrive to Ian’s car to get the baby out and Ian soon reappears.

The police tell him that he can not leave a baby alone in a hot car. Ian begins screaming that they have scared the baby, and Ian freaks out even more screaming that they are trying to take his baby.He runs into the store with the baby screaming for help as the cops chase him down and corner him. Carl shows up at Mickey’s door to see if there is any news on Ian and revealing to Mickey that he witnessed similar issues with his mom Monica when she attempted to jump off a roof. Mickey get a call from the police telling him that Ian and the baby are in Terra Haute.

Fiona comes home frazzled to find Steve waiting her wanting to “talk” but old habits die hard, and the two end up ripping their clothes off at the kitchen sink. Fiona begins to cry begging Steve to just leave. He walks out. Lip and Debbie are attempting to get in touch of Fiona unsuccessfully to let her know that Ian has been found and they are headed with Mickey too get him.

Frank becomes very ill and ends up in the hospital where he complains that his daughter has not been giving him his meds. He asks if he will lose his liver. the doctor tells him that there was not this time and that suprisingly no alcohol in his blood, but they did find,coke, weed and oxy. The doctor proceeds to lecture Frank about his responsibilities. She also warns Frank that if he does not take care of his liver he is out of luck because he will not get another one.

Lip and Mickey talk with the police who tell them that they need to get In help. Mickey admits that Ian needs to be committed. Fiona wakes up in Gus’ bed. Her phone has been blowing up goes off and she rushes to the hospital to meet up with her family and Ian. Ian reluctantly signs admission papers. They all watch as Ian is taken into the ward. Mickey is clearly heartbroken as Lip tells him he did the right thing.

So much to pack into only an hour, sneak peek into next Sunday night’s show reveals Steve is getting ready to leave again, but is asking Fiona to come with him. Ian is being treated for his metal disorder.

Now for suspected spoilers. Sammi appears to be plotting for a way to step into Fiona’s shoes and keep a roof over her and Chuckie’s heads. Fiona thinks hard about leaving with Steve. and her marriage to Gus. Carl gets in deeper with the drug dealers while Debbie copes with high school Gallagher style.

Do you think Fiona will leave Sammi in charge and take off for a while with Steve? Will Frank heed the doctor’s warning this time? Tune to Showtime on Sunday night at 9p.m. for the next episode of Shameless.

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