Shameless: Recap and Spoilers: Carl & Chuckie head to juvie, Ian flips out again

Photo Credit: Showtime
Photo Credit: Showtime

Shameless’s episode airing on Sunday, March 15. was one of the wildest yet. The Gallagher family is really spiraling out of control as the popular Showtime show brings the build up in the final three episodes of Shameless Season 5.

Gallagher family spins out of control

As we predicted earlier this year on Shameless, Carl has gone the route expected by fans considering the kid’s strong family dynamic. In “Carl’s First Sentencing” Carl plays the tough guy shaking off any, and all family and lawyer’s advice. Carl decided he was willing to do the time in juvie claiming it would beef up his street creds, and that he would gain far more needed life experience and knowledge on the inside instead of going to school.

Carl and Chuckie get sentenced to juvie

The show starts off with Fiona taking off her wedding ring, a sight that Sammi did not want to see. The two clearly do not get along, and Sammi is worried with Fiona back she will get the boot from the Gallagher house.

Sammi takes a snippy tone blaming Carl for Chuckie’s arrest. Fiona says Chuckie didn’t get arrested because of her, and says Chuckie clearly wasn’t destined for greatness. Fiona has had enough of Sammi and tells her to pack her stuff and hit the road Sammi fires back saying, she hopes Carl gets a long sentence and gets his salad tossed in jail or has to toss salads whichever is worse.

Things inside the house are completely out of control, Ian wakes up and flips out again this time he believes that MPs are here to get him. Fiona and Mickey attempt to calm Ian down, but he grabs a ball bat and nearly hits Debs with it.
Mickey takes the bat from Ian and tells him he needs to go to get his meds today. Mickey and Ian head to the doctor where she tells him to expect to be on medication for at least the next thirty or forty years.
Kev is having a good time partying at Lip’s collage with the coeds, and Lip advises him not to get in over his head and do something he will regret. Fi heads out to try and help Carl talk to the lawyer, but the attorney just wants the drug dealer’s name and Carl refuses to rat. Fiona tells the lawyer that Gallaghers do “not snitch.” Carl’s lawyer then tells him that his fingerprints were all over the heroin packages and duct tape, and that with his violent record at school he is going to get a serious sentence.

The lawyer makes one last attempt to scare Carl telling him the drug dealer could get to him in prison because he lost a lot of money, telling him once again if he gives up the name they will be able to keep him safe. Chuckie is going through the same issues as Carl, but Chuckie’s lawyer is trying a different route revealing that Chuckie’s IQ is a 71, and that could help with the judge but, he will still serve time.
Sammi then goes into full on mom advise telling Chuckie he’s always been her innocent little bunny and says in prison, bunnies get raped. She asks if he knows what it means and she says big scary men will treat him like a woman. Sammi then advises Chuckie to make friends and do everything he needs to do to stay safe, even making them feel good. She next has a conversation describing to Chuckie what he will have to do telling him she will teach him…Shameless’ most horrifying conversation ever.

Lip is still doing his best to straighten out his financial aid screw up at school, he even visits one of his female professors in her office at her request and ends up sleeping with her.Frank is off on quite an adventure this week, after a visit to the doctor to check out his gunshot wound, Bianca turns and walks out telling Frank she can not do this. Frank follows her out, where she tells him she has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Frank’s answer… he then takes her to the Albi for drinks.
Frank listens to Bianca as she continues to flash cash and buy drinks, she tells him that she has never been drunk before and done anything irresponsible. She admits she has never smoked weed. So the two set off for an adventure with Frank leading the way to get Bianca to do all the things she has never done before.

Sammi visits Carl before court and attacks him after he tells her that he is not afraid of her. While Fiona is looking for clothes for Carl to wear to court. She stops by the diner and asks for a job for Ian and she is told to come in tomorrow and they will have him wash dishes. Mickey comes out and tells Fiona that Ian is sleeping off the meds. She’s getting clothes out for Carl. Mickey offers to help and she asks if he can use an iron.Fi brings a suit for Carl to wear and some glasses too. He says that makes him want to kick his own ass. She tells him to get the suit on.  V is there in court and Lip asks about the thing with her and Kevin.

Judge Gaither comes in calls up the case or Chuckie first. Sammi asks to speak to the judge and tells her that Chuckie is a good boy who was taken advantage of by an older family member and says his Uncle Carl is responsible.

Chuckie is given 120 days in juvie and will only do 60 with good behavior. They take Chuckie out and she tells him not to be scared. She tells him to be nice to the guards. Carl comes up next and Sammi is very angered to see Carl coming off as all neat and clean. The lawyer says Carl knows he made a mistake, is sorry and has learned from the experience. Carl says he did something dumb and says he trusted a retard and the next time he moves drugs, he’ll use a man. .

The judge sentences him to one year in juvie. Lip comes to see the financial aid guy and say she knows he wants to toss him out. He asks Lip if he’s heard about the topless maid service. He says the guy who created it went to school there and says he was his roommate and he talked him into bailing Lip out this semester. Lip asks the catch and the guy says he has to say thank you and says it was an interest free loan. He says his friend Nick got kicked out and a buddy covered his. Suspicious Lip asks how long he has to pay him back. The guy says not to worry and says Lip will have piles of job offers when he graduates.

Chuckie sits at the table looking glum when Sammi comes in. She says she’s sorry and was hoping it wouldn’t come to this. She says not to worry. She pulls out a pen and a needle and says no one will mess with him again. Chuckie later gets on the bus to juvie and we see that Sammi tattooed a swastika on his forehead. A white supremacist pulls him into the seat next to him. A guy sits down by Carl and says G-Dog knows he didn’t snitch. He hands Carl a doo rag to put on his head. This can not go well for either of these two inside.

Shameless as just three more episodes left in the season, how much more debauchery can one family put out there? Couple of predictions, it is felt by Shameless fans that there will still be a Gallagher pregnancy coming out soon, one it is Debs whose failed attempt at date raping Matty will find her scared and hopeless, or two Fiona, who slept with both Jimmy/Steve and Gus during the same twenty-four-hour period.

It is also believed that Frank may find love and turn a new page possibly offering to care for Bianca, but what is in it for him. Ian will eventually have to check into a hospital for a longer period of time, and Lip may get an unexpected visitor, either Mandy returns, maybe claiming she is pregnant also, or Karen comes home to profess her love and stir up more trouble.

Be sure to tun in to Showplace Sunday night’s at 9 p.m. for the final three episodes of Shameless to see just how much more this family can shock viewers during Season 5.

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