Scott Turner Schofield cast on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ daytime’s first transgender actor


Photo Credit Facebook
Photo Credit Facebook

Scott Turner Schofield will be making history as daytime television’s first transgender actor. Schofield was hired by “The Bold and The Beautiful” and will make his debut on May 8.

Scott Turner Schofield to make television history

Scott Turner Schofield, confirmed his new gig on B&B via his Facebook page posting,“Very proud to announce a big career move #‎BecauseIamTransgender‬ I am ‪#‎LivingMyDream‬,” he wrote.

The Bold and the Beautiful takes first step to modernizing daytime television

The acclaimed diversity educator, who was born a woman and identifies as a man. Schofield will be playing the role of Nick on B&B a new resident who will step in as a transgender mentor to fashion model Maya Avant (Karla Mosley). “I’m Maya’s best friend, and I come from her world when she first landed in Los Angeles before she became the huge success that she is,” the actor explained.

“We met in the trans community together. I’m her friend that comes in and kind of helps remind her that she is beautiful and whole and authentic exactly as she is.”The timing could no be more appropriate for Schofield and B&B as news of Bruce Jenner’s transition reveal is still fresh in the minds of more than 17 million viewers who tuned in to view the 20/20 Special last Friday.

Congratulations to Scott Turner Schofield and The Bold and the Beautiful in taking this giant historical step into opening up the doors for many others to follow.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. What do you think about B&B making this move to date the show with a subject matter that is in this day and age one of important relevance?

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