‘Scandal’ Shocker: Jake Is Still Alive, Fans Rejoice!

Jake still alive on Scandal.
Jake still alive on Scandal.
Jake still alive on Scandal. (ABC)

Scandal” duped (most of) us. After an entire week of trying to come to terms with the fact that Jake Ballard might be dead, the opening scene of Thursday’s all new episode revealed that Jake was still alive, but in very bad shape.

Jake Still Alive on ‘Scandal’

It was Quinn and Huck who found a bloodied Jake, stabbed multiple times and left for dead by Olivia’s new beau, Russell. However, Huck realized the signs that Jake was probably still alive and awakened him. Liv’s associates then found some place to go underground with Jake, and contacted Charlie, the former B-613 agent who found a doctor to help treat Jake.

Liv traded favors with the doc so that he would help Jake who needed surgery immediately. Thankfully, Jake pulled through the operation. However, when Rowan caught wind that Jake was still alive, he enlisted Russell to finish the job, injuring his new henchmen in hopes of getting to Olivia, and it worked.

What is Foxtail?

Liv and Huck took Russell with them to where they were hiding out with Jake, and when Ballard woke up from surgery he was upset to see Russell lying in the bed next to him.

However, by the end of the show Olivia had found out about Russell’s connection to her father, and the new plan they had set in motioned called “Foxtail.” Now we’re all dying to know what Foxtail is, and how it will play out in the last couple of episodes of “Scandal” Season 4.

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