‘Saved By The Bell’ Reunion: Jimmy Fallon Brings Together Bayside High Gang (Video)

Saved By The Bell reunion on Jimmy Fallon.
Saved By The Bell reunion on Jimmy Fallon.
Saved By The Bell reunion on Jimmy Fallon. (NBC)

Jimmy Fallon has proven yet again why he’s one of the best talk show hosts ever by orchestrating a “Saved By The Bell” reunion. Jimmy joined Mark Paul Gosselar, Mario Lopez, Elizabeth Berkley and Tiffani Amber Thiessen for an awesome skit straight from Bayside High, even Mr. Belding (Dennis Haskins) was in on the fun.

‘Saved By The Bell’ Reunion is Awesome

In the skit, Jimmy played on of the gang’s friends as he and Zack talked about the upcoming Valentine’s Day dance. Of course, A.C. Slater, played by Mario Lopez, in the hit 90’s teen sitcom, comes in to say hi to “Preppy” Zack Morris and reveal his date for the dance, Jessie Spano, played by Elizabeth Berkley.

After Jessie comes in to play Jimmy announces that he won’t be going to the dance because he’s moving to New York to be on “Saturday Night Live” and host his own talk show. Jessie then sings “I’m So Excited” for Jimmy.

Lark Vorhees and Dustin Diamond Absent

Later, Zack gets a call from his date for the dance who says she’s been throwing up all morning. Later, it’s revealed that it’s Kelly Kapowski, and she’s got some huge news — she’s pregnant. Kelly, played by Tiffani Amber Thiessen is pregnant in real-life.

Later, Mr. Belding stopped to say hey to the gang and found out Jimmy was leaving Bayside High. He rushed off to give Jimmy a big send off by playing Zack Attack’s “Friends Forever” single over the intercom.

Noticeably absent from the “Saved By The Bell” reunion were Lark Vorhees who played Lisa Turtle and Dustin Diamond who portrayed Screech Powers on the series.

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