Ronda Rousey loses title, promises rematch

Ronda Rousey defeated by Holly Holm.

Ronda Rousey loses title! Saturday night’s fight ended much earlier than anticipated between Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm. Rousey fans were left shocked and disappointed after Rousey was knocked out after a head-kick from opponent Holly Holm ending Rousey’s three-year-title run. Ronda did not speak after the fight and was transported to a hospital in Australia after suffering a devastating knockout during UFC 193. UFC reps told TMZ Sports, “Ronda was  being transported to a local hospital for precautionary purposes.”

Ronda Rousey depressed after losing title to Holly Holm

Ronda Rousey is described as “depressed” and “bummed out” after losing her UFC title to Holly Holm, but UFC Prez Dana White tells TMZ Sports there will absolutely be a rematch. Rousey, who was kept overnight in the hospital As Dana tells us, “The last thing a fighter wants to do is talk about a fight when they lose.”  White says, “There was not a lot of talking.”

Dana reveals the fight  broke all records, stating that it “destroyed” the previous record for bars showing a UFC fight — a record previously set by the Lesnar/Velasquez heavyweight title fight. Dana had high praise for both fighters.  As for Ronda, he says, “What this woman has done has never been done before.  We’ve been doing this for 15 years with huge stars, and Ronda has broken every record.”

Rousey promises rematch with Holm

As for Holly, White claims fight fans didn’t give her due credit going in … “Holly had 45 fights before and multiple world titles.  She was totally calm and cool.”  And he says she’s score a phenomenal payday.Dana says, “There will absolutely be a rematch.  It’s the fight that makes sense.”Rousey’s close pal Nick Diaz spoke out in defense of Ronda via Twitter following the fight. Diaz stated all  “Rowdy” did was make a “simple mistake” due to poor game-planning. It led to the end of her nearly three-year title reign and first defeat of her career:

Diaz added he believes if Rousey replicated his strategy for “The Spider” and had not chosen to rush Holm and fight too aggressively, the UFC women’s bantamweight belt would still be in her possession. Nick Diaz  hasn’t competed since he fought Anderson Silva at UFC 183 in January. He’s currently serving a five-year suspension after he tested positive for marijuana, which marked the third violation of his MMA career.

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