Rob Lowe celebrates 25- years sober



Rob Lowe celebrates 25-years of sobriety.This is an an amazing milestone in his life,one that he should be more than proud of.┬áDuring Rob Lowe’s days a Brat Packer, Lowe admitted he was partying way too much, and seeing way too many women. In fact Rob’s 2011 memoirs reveals his troubled and wild lifestyle during the 80s in his autobiography, “Stories I Only Tell My Friends.”

Rob Lowe has been sober 25-years!

On Sunday Rob Lowe took to Twitter sending out a tweet to his fans and followers honoring his 25-years of sobriety and marking his special day.”To those struggling with addiction, there is true, real, hope,” he Tweeted. “Twenty-five years ago today, I found recovery and a life of promise. #Grateful.”

Rob Lowe credits the love and understanding of his wife in helping him remain sober

Rob then sent out a special tweet thanking his wife and wishing her and all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day. Rob Lowe married his wife Sheryl Berkoff in 1991. Rob has also previously revealed that the two were married when he was working through his issues and sobriety.

Rob credits his wife for helping give him the strength to remain sober throughout the years and never giving up faith and hope in him along the way.┬áRob Lowe also revealed that since the couple’s two sons Matthew, 21, and John, 19, are grown and off to college he and Sheryl are discovering a new point in their relationship together, stating that he is “in love like a teenager.”

It is awesome to hear of someone who like Rob Lowe has overcome his demons and battles with addiction. We would like to wish Rob Lowe a lifetime more of sobriety and happiness. Rob you are a true inspiration.

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