Rita Wilson Cancer Free Following Double Mastectomy

Rita Wilson Surgery: Actress undergoes surgery for breast cancer.
Rita Wilson cancer free after surgery.
Rita Wilson cancer free after surgery.

Rita Wilson is now cancer free after undergoing a double mastectomy in April. Wilson’s stepson Colin Hanks, 37, confirmed Wilson’s happy news.

Rita Wilson Cancer Free After Surgery

“She’s cancer-free, which is great,” Colin Hanks stated in NYC after being asked about his stepmom’s condition.Last month Rita Wilson announced to the public that she had undergone the surgery after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Rita reveals that the health scare has brought her and husband Tom Hanks together making them even closer than before. She also credit’s Tom’s support for helping her get through the tough times and always standing by her side after she received a diagnosis of invasive lobular carcinoma.

Rita Wilson thanks Tom Hanks for support during cancer surgery

The 58-year-old actress took a leave of absence from her current project, “Fish in the Dark” to address her health concerns.

Hanks revealed that she was very excited and will be returning back to the stage. Tom and Rita were spotted together in NYC walking hand in hand and beaming with happiness over Rita’s clean bill of health.On her Facebook page Wilson thanks fans or support and stated that she feels she is truly blessed at this time in her life.

Congratulations to Rita Wilson on her clean bill of health, we look forward to your return to stage and screen.

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