‘Pretty Little Liars’ Shocker: A Finally Revealed In Crazy Twist

Pretty Little Liars season finale shocker: A finally revealed.
Pretty Little Liars season finale shocker: A finally revealed.
Pretty Little Liars season finale shocker: A finally revealed. (ABC Family)

Pretty Little Liars” fans finally found out who A was in Tuesday’s shocking finally. Fans have waited 5 long years to find out who has actually been behind all the murder and mayhem and know we finally know.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Shocker: A Finally Revealed in Crazy Twist

During the “Pretty Little Liars” season finally Alison, Hannah, Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Mona learned all the dirty details of A’s identity and exactly why they put them all through such hell for all these years. [Warning: Major Spoilers Below!]

The episode picked up where it left off last week with Alison learning the shocking identity of A. Ali begged her brother Charles to reveal himself, and he did, or should we say SHE DID. When A unmasked we all learned that A has been CeCe Drake…the whole time!

While CeCe being A isn’t that shocking her true identity is. CeCe told Alison that she used to be Charles DiLaurentis. CeCe explained that when Ali was a baby Charles loved her so much. One day when baby Ali was crying he decided to put her in the bathtub to make her feel better, nearly drowning her.

CeCe’s Twisted Web of Lies

Mr. D. saved Ali, and convinced Mrs. D. to put their cross dressing son, Charles, in Radley, where he spent so much of his life. A young Charles, still dressing in girls clothes that his mother brought for him, befriended another Radley patient, Bethany Young.

Bethany was unstable, and one night to prevent Toby’s mother, another patient at the mental facility, from seeing Charles in a dress, she pushed her off the roof, revealing to “Pretty Little Liars” fans once and for all that Toby’s mother did not kill herself.

Bethany blamed Charles for the murder and he was heavily sedated. After years of a miserable existence in Radley, Charles’ mother finally accepted that Charles was gone and that instead of a son, she had a daughter. Mrs. D. and the newly renamed Charlotte decided to bury Charles forever at his aunt’s farm.

Alison and Bethany’s Attackers Revealed

CeCe then began trying to get to know her family and even “dated” Jason as a way to get close to her brother and sister. However, Bethany was still after her, and declared war on Mrs. D.

One night, thinking that Bethany had come after her mother, CeCe hit a blonde girl over the head with a rock, only to find out it wasn’t Bethany, it was her own sister, Ali. Mrs. D. buried Ali in the backyard thinking she was dead. However, “Pretty Little Liars” fans know what happened after that.

Meanwhile, Mona claims that she was the one who killed Bethany, thinking she was Alison. CeCe also revealed that Sarah was helping her, which hurt Emily yet again. After all the information was out in the open and the cops were called, CeCe declared “game over.”

Five Years Later…

The next scene we see is the girls all saying goodbye to one another and leaving for college and Ali staying behind in Rosewood. Flash forward five years in the future and all the girls are back, rushing to find Ali at Rosewood High where she is seemingly a new teacher. Someone is after them, but who? And…now we know how the next season will be set up.

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