‘Pretty Little Liars’: Charles is A, Mona is Still Alive

Pretty Little Liars Finale: Charles is A, Mona Alive.
Pretty Little Liars Finale: Charles is A, Mona Alive.
Pretty Little Liars Finale: Charles is A, Mona Alive. (ABC Family)

The “Pretty Little Liars” season finale aired on Tuesday night and the identity of the “big” A was finally revealed, although it wasn’t without some serious confusion. In addition a beloved character was revealed to still be alive.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Finale: Who is Charles?

When the van transporting Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna to prison was hijacked the girls were drugged only to wake up in perfect replicas of their own bedrooms. When the doors opened, they realize they are not at home, but in a prison of sorts. They begin to explore and find a replica of Alison’s living room and someone sitting behind the piano wearing an Ali mask.

“Pretty Little Liars” fans thought it might be A, but really it’s Mona who has been made to look like Alison. Mona claims she is Alison, but once she feels safe, tells the girls that she’s only playing along for the sake of A.

Spencer’s wheels turn all night as she tries to figure out who A could be, then she remembers a clue from earlier. Letter blocks in a room that she rearranges in her head to figure out the name of A — Charles.

Mona is Still Alive

But, who the heck is Charles? Well, while not much was said about who Charles was, when the girls make a run for it and try to escape, Spencer finds some home videos of Alison’s mother holding baby Ali while her brothers run around her. It seems that Charles could be Alison’s brother Jason’s twin.

This is weird on a few levels because most “Pretty Little Liars” fans thought that Ali was the one with the secret twin, all the signs pointed to it. Also, if Charles is Jason’s twin, that means that he’s not only Ali’s brother, but Spencer’s brother as well as Spencer’s father also fathered Jason during an affair with Mrs. D.

It’s safe to say the drama on “Pretty Little Liars” is far from over. However, many fans were disappointed there they didn’t get to see Charles’ face to help clear up some confusion. Although the fact that Mona is still alive was a bright spot in the weird and confusing finale.

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