‘One Tree Hill’: The 11 Best Episodes Of The Series

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One Tree Hill” was one of the best teen dramas ever. Set in Tree Hill, North Carolina, the main character Lucas Scott loves the game of basketball, his mother, and uncle Keith. However, he does have some serious family drama. His father abandoned him as a child, but still lives in the same town with his other son, Tree Hill basketball star Nathan Scott.

‘One Tree Hill’: The 11 Best Episodes Of The Series

Through the nine seasons of the show Lucas finds love a couple of times, has ups and downs with every one of his family members, and finds a way to still love the game of basketball among other things. Fans love the heart and emotion of the show, which made us all fall in love with Tree Hill and its residents.

Choosing the best episodes of the show is hard, but there were many crucial moments in the series in which fans need to see to fully understand the backbone of the show. So, check out our list of must see “One Tree Hill” episodes, in no particular order.

1. “Some You Give Away” (Season 4, Episode 9) — It’s the state championship game and the story lines are huge. Haley isn’t feeling well and the cheerleaders take her to the doctor. She finds out she’s having a boy while Nathan is throwing the game. Haley tells Nathan she’s having a boy and he decides stop the point shaving despite threats against his life and win the game with the help of Lucas, who hits the game winning shot and then falls in to Peyton’s arms with permission from ex-girlfriend Brooke Davis.

2. “With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept” (Season 3, Episode 16) — As one of the most emotional episodes of the series, a boy feelings lost and lonely comes to school with a gun and fires a shot after being bullied to the point of no return. Jimmy Edwards has Tree Hill students on residents on edge as he holds a group of kids hostage in the tutor center. The gang all open up about hard days and the difficulties of high school life. Lucas’ uncle Keith believes he can help and gets into the building. He tries to talk Jimmy out of doing any more damage, but the teen kills himself in the hallway after accidentally shooting Petyon. Lucas rescues Peyton, and Dan sneaks in and kills his own brother, Keith, whose murder is blamed on the late Jimmy Edwards.

3.“The Show Must Go On” (Season 3 Finale) — Nathan and Haley get married a second time in front of friends and family but things take a tragic turn when a car accident leaves lives hanging in the balance. A pregnancy test is also found and there are many possible women who could be carrying a child.

4. “Pictures of You” (Season 4, Episode 13) — As a class assignment partners are given as the seniors strive to learn something about one another and live in each others shoes for an hour. Hopes, fears, and dreams are all thrown out in to the open as well as friendships formed.

5.“All of the Sudden, I Miss Everyone” (Season 4 Finale) — Widely regarded as one of the best episodes of the series as well as a possible series finale to the show before it was picked up again the gang has graduated high school and says goodbye to one another before setting off on their separate journeys into adulthood. Lucas and Nathan share an amazing moment as the brothers have gone from strangers to enemies, to friends, to family.

6. 4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days (Season 5, Episode 1) — A time jump shows what everyone is doing after graduating from college. They are not a close knit group anymore and dreams have come true and been dashed as their lives have changed dramatically since leaving Tree Hill High.

7. “Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.” (Season 6, Episode 3) — Yet another tragedy has struck Tree Hill as Quentin Fields is murdered and the gang deals with their grief in different ways. Jamie Scott is especially emotional over the death of this friend and hero.

8. “A Rush Of Blood To The Head” (Season 9, Episode 8) — Clay finally remembers that he has a son and finds out that Logan is actually his. He and Quinn then vow to raise his son together as a family.

9. “This Is My House, This Is My Home” (Season 8, Episode 22) — Brooke’s pregnancy is covered in just one episode and the two give birth to their twin boys, Davis and Jude. It’s emotional for Brooke because she was told she could never have children.

10. “Remember Me As A Time Of Day” (Season 6 Finale) — This is the episode were Lucas and Peyton welcome daughter Sawyer Scott and then leave Tree Hill for good to get away from the sadness the town held for them.

11. “Growing Up and Saying Goodbye” (Series Finale) — In the very last episode of “One Tree Hill” the remaining original cast members see themselves as they were back in high school and realize how far they’ve come. A time jump also reveals the fate of everyone except Lucas and Peyton as the gang gather together to return to Tree Hill High and watch Nathan and Haley’s son, Jamie Scott, the star of the Raven’s basketball team, play. A memorable quote for the finale is “It’s the oldest story in the world. One day you’re 17 and planning for someday, and then quietly, without you ever really noticing, someday is today, and then someday is yesterday, and this is your life.”

There you have it, 11 “One Tree Hill” episodes that will leave you in tears and pull at your heartstrings. Enjoy!

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