Marilyn Monroe House Bulldozed To Make Room For Condos

Marilyn Monroe House Bulldozed.
Marilyn Monroe House Bulldozed. (Wiki Commons)

Marilyn Monroe‘s house is being bulldozed to make room for the upcoming building of condos. The L.A. residence is the home that the late starlet lived in just before she shot to fame.

Marilyn Monroe House Bulldozed To Make Room For Condos

While many would think that a home lived in by Marilyn Monroe would hold enough historical value to keep it from being bulldozed, The Daily Mail reports that isn’t the case. Construction crews moved in on Monday and leveled the home located in Valley Village that Marilyn lived in with her first husband, James Dougherty, and his parents from 1944 to 1945.

Crews moved in on Monday and leveled the Valley Village home Monroe and first husband James Dougherty resided in from 1944 to 1945 with his parents. 

Home Almost Declared Historical Landmark

KTLA reports that city officials recommended rejecting an application to declare the home be declared a historic-cultural landmark, and that the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission was still set to consider a bid that would have given the property official landmark status on Thursday.

“A piece of history just got torn down,” neighbor Fiona Manning, who lived next door to Monroe’s former landlord for years, said.

“It’s certainly regrettable that this home was demolished before it had its day in court so to speak,” Ken Bernstein, director of the city’s Office of Historic Preservation, said. “Marilyn Monroe is obviously an iconic figure internationally, but she had more than 30 residences in the Los Angeles area.”

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