Madonna’s daughter Lourdes steps out dressed like rock star mother

Madonna armpit photo

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon,18, stepped out at last weeks Met Gala after party scene dressed similar to her 56-year-old mother Madonna in a matching sheer top and hot pants.¬†The fact that the two were out together is not so shocking considering that Lourdes, what fans could not quite stomach is how it appears as if Madonna has turned her young daughter into a mini-image of herself.

Madonna and Lourdes dressing alike these days

The mother/daughter duo of Madonna and Lourdes were dressed alike in matching black ensembles, one dressed way too young for her age, and the other dressed too old and revealing far to much in her sheer top for her young age much to fans dislike.

Lourdes sheer top exposes too much for fans

Fans began voicing their thoughts on Lourdes sheer top that clearly revealed too much nipple for even the wildest of Madonna fans to handle. Many are concerned that Madonna’s young daughter will soon rely on her sexuality to get by pulling one shocking stunt after the next to gain attention, much like her mother, and many other media headliners such as Kylie Jenner and Miley Cyrus.


The mother/daughter teamed appeared to be competing against one another as they left the Met Gala. But it was Lourdes’ assets that were standing at attention in a sheer, see through top that exposed too much nipple for most to tolerate at such a young age.

But, as Hollywood celebrities go these days, some may find that Lourdes was dressed more conservatively than most celebrities youngster who look for the most expensive clothing with the least amount of material and coverage such as Miley Cyrus and Kylie Jenner. It is sad most believe that these young celebs will never really know for sure if they could have ever stood alone on just their talent instead of their sexuality.

What do you think, is Madonna’s daughter following mom’s fashion lead?

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