Lenny Kravitz Has The Worst Wardrobe Malfunction Of All Time!

Lenny Kravitz Wardrobe Malfunction Shocks Fans.
Lenny Kravitz Wardrobe Malfunction Shocks Fans.
Lenny Kravitz Wardrobe Malfunction Shocks Fans. (PR Photos)

Lenny Kravitz rocked so hard during his concert in Stockholm on Monday night that he actually he actually completely split his tight leather pants and created what has to be arguably that worst wardrobe malfunction of all time.

Lenny Kravitz Suffers Terrible Wardrobe Malfunction

Lenny Kravitz’s mega wardrobe malfunction happened on stage in front of fans and tons of cameras, making things even worse. The “Are You Gonna Go My Way” rocker was doing his thing on stage and playing a mean guitar when it happened.

Lenny, who was wearing extremely tight leather pants during the concert was jamming hard when he bent down with guitar in hand while engaging with the crowd. It seems Kravitz’s tight pants couldn’t handle the strain of Lenny’s awesomeness and they completely blew out.

Lenny’s Package Fully Exposed On Stage

The pants ripped completely in the front and since Kravitz wasn’t wearing any sort of underwear, fans got a close up look at everything Lenny had to offer.

Lenny Kravitz’s entire package was front and center and not only did fans get a look, but cameras caught it all! If you must, click here to see the uncensored photo, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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