Kim Kardashian Naming Baby Boy After Lamar Odom?

Kim Kardashian chooses Godmother for son Saint West.

Is Kim Kardashian considering naming her unborn son after Khloe Kardashian’s husband Lamar Odom? Lamar allegedly wants Kim and her husband Kanye West to name their son after him.

Kim Kardashian Naming Her Unborn Son After Lamar Odom?

According to Hollywood Life, Lamar told Khloe from his hospital bed where he is recovering from a serious drug overdose which caused strokes and kidney failure, that he believes Kim Kardashian should name her son after him, because he’s so strong and such a fighter.

“Lamar told Khloe to tell Kim to name her son Lamar! He explained to Khloe that the name symbolizes strength and courage. He also told her that the name is synonymous with being brave and a fighter, just like he is. He was dead serious, too, and he held Khloe’s arm while he told her this.”

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian has dropped a couple of hints on what her unborn son’s name could possibly be. Recently, during an appearance on the Ellen Show, Kardashian revealed that she loved the name Easton West, but that her hubby Kanye wasn’t too keen on that idea.

Lamar Odom wants Kim Kardashian to name her baby after him.

Kanye’s Choice For Baby’s Name

The name Kanye West does like is Nazareth, which is allegedly a name that has a lot of personal and spiritual meaning to the rapper known as “Yeezus” to his fans.

“It’s the childhood home of Kanye’s savior, Jesus. In Israel, the city is ancient and historical, and he loves the fact that it is the epitome of spirituality and holiness”

We think it’s unlikely that Kim Kardashian will actually name her son after Lamar Odom, especially since she never seemed too thrilled about Khloe keeping in touch with Lamar after their split. However, now that Odom is fighting for his life Kim could have a new outlook on her brother-in-law.

Personally, we’re thinking Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a lot of hype to live up to when it comes to naming their son, especially after naming their daughter North West with no middle name, so we’re expecting something a little off the wall.

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