Justin Bieber escorted out of Coachella by security in a choke hold

Justin Bieber dyes hair blond.


Justin Bieber was shown the door at the Coachella Music Festival over the weekend by festival security, but not before the popular pop idol was placed in a choke hold. Twenty-one-year-old Justin Bieber attempted to play the name card at Sunday night’s Coachella festival after Bieber and his posse attempted to walk into the artist’s entrance where Drake was performing.

Justin Bieber kicked out of Coachella

 Justin Bieber and pals were stopped dead in their tracks where they were informed by festival security that the area was at capacity and they would not be permitted to enter. Justin Bieber attempted to talk to the guards, showing them ID and wristbands that allowed entrance, however the guards were not amused or impressed, telling Justin Bieber that it was impossible to break the fire code laws even or him.

Coachella security places Bieber in choke hold and escorts him out

Justin became irritated quickly and began to argue with the guards. Witnesses at the scene Justin began to get agitated.Witnesses on hand reveal that Justin Bieber told the guards that he could in no way stand outside in the crowds to watch the show because he would be mobbed by hundreds of fans

Justin began to yell telling the guards that he was personally invited by Drake and had been waiting all weekend to see him perform. After attempting to calm Bieber down one last time and persuade him to leave the area more security showed up at the area entrance telling Justin she was there to escort him to the artists waiting area.

The female guard took Justin Bieber by the arm ad began leading him away when they were joined by yet another guard who came up behind an argumentative Bieber and placed him in a choke hold while showing him the door. Needless to say Justin Bieber and pals were thrown out of Coachella, despite Justin Bieber’s team claiming that they left voluntarily.It is speculated that Justin is considering filing law suit against the Coachella guards.

Despite Justin Bieber claiming during his Roast that he was a changed man and sorry for all his poor decisions, bad behavior and young mistakes, it just appears that wherever Justin Bieber is trouble follows. Do you believe Justin Bieber was treated unfairly at Coachella, or was he acting like a spoiled celebrity attempting to get his way?

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