Justin Bieber crashes L.A. prom

Justin Bieber dyes hair blond.

Justin Bieber made prom 2015 an even more special memory after the 21-year-old pop star crashed a Los Angeles prom on April 26.Chatsworth Charter High School was the lucky school chosen by Justin Bieber to surprise on Saturday, April 25. Biebs just happened to be recording next to the facility where the high school was celebrating their prom and decided to pay a surprise visit.

Justin Bieber fans goes wild at L.A. prom

The student body was dressed in their best but for this high school class prom night 2015 is going to hold an even more special memory for the students in attendance.Screams can be hears ringing through the building as girls, and guys were stunned to see Justin Bieber make his way into their special event.

Lucky female prom goers dance with Justin Bieber at prom

Some lucky females even got a special treat as Justin danced with as few of the ladies on the dance floor. Immediately the social networks began blowing up as Snap Chats and Tweets and Instagrams photos of Justin Bieber at prom began flooding the networks.

“I DANCED WITH @justinbieber AT MY PROM,” one girl wrote Twitter, while another wrote, “THANK YOU @justinbieber FOR THE BEST PROM.”¬†Justin Bieber retweeted several of the happy messages to his 61.3 million followers. This is going to make lot of other proms pretty dull in comparison, and a lot of female Justin Bieber fans who also attended their high school proms over the weekend more than a little envious.

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