Jon Bon Jovi shares inspirational speech and performs new song ‘Reunion’ for Rutgers graduates

Jon Bon Jovi spoke to the 2015 graduating class at Rutgers College today sharing words of inspiration, encouragement and wisdom before giving the graduates his special gift.The Rutgers graduating class got a special gift from Jon Bon Jovi who told the class he had wanted to give them all a gift and could only think to do it the only way he knows how, through song.

Jon Bon Jovi gives special gift song to Rutgers grads

Jon Bon Jovi pulled out his guitar and sang for the graduates, guests and faculty song he reveals he had written for the occasion and had never performed before today.

The song titled “Reunion” began, “This isn’t how the story ends, my friends, it’s just a fork along the road.”

Never before heard new Bon Jovi song “Reunion” debuted at Rutgers College graduation

Rutgers-Camden, the university honored Jon Bon Jovi with an honorary doctorate of letters recognizing his entertainment career and a history of philanthropy focused on homelessness and poverty.

Besides being a world known and popular entertainer for the past 3 decades Jon Bon Jovi has helped build affordable housing in Philadelphia, a homeless shelter in Camden and founded a Red Bank restaurant that feeds homeless people and others. Bon Jovi’s pet projects are a part of the singer’s Soul Foundations organization.

Whether or not Bon Jovi’s “Reunion” tune makes it to number one on the charts or not it will forever hold a special meaning to the graduating class of 2015 and live forever in their memories.

Congratulations to the lucky Rutgers class of 2015! What did you think of Jon Bon Jovi’s new song “Reunion?”

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