Jennifer Lopez shade thrown during Mariah Carey BMA performance

Jennifer Lopez was definitely not interested in Mariah Carey’s Billboard Music Award’s performance in the least. Camera’s caught Jenny from the block using her smartphone during Mariah’s song,”Infinity.”

JLo looks bored and uninterested during Mariah performance

The rest of the audience on hand seemed engrossed by Mariah’s stage presence, all except JLo who was flipping through her phone, checking emails, texting, tweeting or doing anything but watching Carey on stage. When Mariah finished her performance and the lights came up, only then did Jennifer Lopez stand look at the stage and appear to applaud Mariah, even then she was still chatting with bf Casper Smart.

Is Jennifer Lopez worried about Mariah as competition in Vegas?

It is not for certain, but many are claiming that this could be a clear case of diva-gate between Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey, after all they have been competing in the music industry against each other for years now, and it does not look like will be ending anytime soon. The two singers who are both now headlining residencies in Las Vegas. Jennifer Lopez’s residency kicks off on January 20th, 2016.

So is Jennifer Lopez worried about Mariah Carey as her big competition in Vegas, some are wondering if Jen is really that shallow towards Mariah, what about Britney Spears, she could be the one that really outshines both Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey in the city of lights. Given the opportunity which diva bombshell would you see, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey or Britney Spears?

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