Janice Dickinson files hefty lawsuit against Bill Cosby

Janice Dickinson has filed a lawsuit against comedy star Bill Cosby for defamation and emotional distress stemming from her claims that Cosby drugged and raped the supermodel in 1982 at Lake Tahoe.

Bill Cosby lawsuit filed by Janice Dickinson over 1982 sexual assault

Dickinson has filed the official court doc but would really love to be suing the actor for rape but unfortunately the statute of limitations have long run out for that case. Dickinson also claims that Bill Cosby is lying, when stating that Janice made up the drug and rape accusations. Dickinson is just one of the numerous women that have come out against the comedienne claiming that he drugged them and forced himself on them sexually.

Janice Dickinson reveals she has proof that Bill Cosby assaulted her

Janice describes the night in 1982 at a Lake Tahoe resort when she claimed she was unconscious,stating that Bill Cosby then penetrated her vaginally and anally. Janice took a photo of Cosby in a robe in the room where she claims the rape occurred. However sine Janice came forward publicly Bill Cosby’s team have stated that she is fabricated the event to slander the comedienne.

Janice Dickinson is just one in a long, list of women who have been coming forward to reveal that Bill Cosby also drugged and raped them throughout his long career.

Bill Cosby’s reps have not responded to Janice Dickinson’s lawsuit. Bill Cosby recently spoke out publicly on the sex scandal he is now dealing with. Cosby stated,“I have been in this business for 52 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this,” the 77-year-old comedian said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “And reality is the situation, and I can’t speak.”

This court case is expected to be a long drawn out and nasty court battle that will most likely take many years to settle completely. What are your thoughts on the Bill Cosby sex allegations?

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